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Forisa Cares About Autism

5 December 2022

Autism in children needs special attention and treatment. Because of treatment or therapy for children with autism. Likewise in terms of education, dealing with children with autism requires more teaching staff.

The number of autism itself in Indonesia continues to increase every year. At least there is an increase of around 500 children each year. The latest number is 2.4 million children in Indonesia who have autism. And keep going up from year to year.

Therefore, PT Forisa Nusapersada carried out social action (CSR) by helping SLB C Autisma Talitakum in West Jakarta. One of the foundations is to help children with special needs, especially autism, get the right therapy and education.

Through his representative, Mr. Franky Widjaja. PT Forisa Nusapersada handed over some support to the principal from SLB C Talitakum West Jakarta, which would later be used to meet the needs of their students.

PT Forisa Nusapersada hopes that this CSR can help many students in SLB C Autisma Talitakum.

(YS, 2022)