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Betawi Culture Annual Festival for Bekasi City's Anniversary

21 May 2022

The rapid development of the city of Jakarta has made strategic areas of the city of Jakarta which were previously inhabited by native Jakartans or who are often referred to as "Betawi people" metamorphose into office and industrial areas. The change of residential function into office and industrial areas has caused some Betawi residents to migrate regionally and culturally from Jakarta to buffer cities around Jakarta, one of which is located east of Jakarta, namely Bekasi City.

If we know Betawi Culture, one of the Betawi dances that are quite popular is the Betawi Mask Dance, which is often performed in various art performances by the Betawi people, both for welcoming guests and other official activities. Welcoming the anniversary of Bekasi City, the people of Mustika Jaya Sub-district from May 21 to May 22, 2022, held a Betawi Cultural Festival, which was held at the H. Nartom Nursyamsu Stadium, Mustika Jaya District - Bekasi City, West Java under the title "Betawi Cultural Festival" which refers to on the annual agenda of the Bekasi City Government.

Taking place from morning until late at night, + 800 – 1000 people crowded the event location, watching performance after the performance wrapped in the Betawi Dondang Festival, which is a procession to welcome Betawi brides. This occasion was also enlivened by the Bedug Fighting Festival, Pencak Silat Competition and the long-awaited performance of the Wayang Golek and of course the Betawi Mask Dance performance.

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(YK, 2022)