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Nutrijell Dates Ajwa Make the Holy Month of Ramadan More Special

28 April 2022

One of the obligatory treats during the holy month of Ramadan is dates, the sweet one which is nutritious and a source of energy. For this reason, NUTRIJELL comes with a new variant, namely "NUTRIJELL KURMA AJWA". Ajwa dates are known as premium and high-quality dates. Not surprisingly, Ajwa dates are very popular in Indonesia and are always sought after during Ramadan.

NUTRIJELL chooses Ajwa Dates so that people can feel the pleasure of Ajwa Dates in various types of dishes whenever they want. Either served with ice and fresh milk, served with pieces of fruit, mixed with biscuits or various flavors of pudding, covered with sweet and sweet vla, and various other creatures. With NUTRIJELL KURMA AJWA, people can feel the sensation of eating premium quality dates in various forms. Of course, it makes Ramadan more "sweet" and happy.

In order to introduce NUTRIJELL KURMA AJWA, the Nutrijell Promotion Team in Medan provided samples of NUTRIJELL KURMA AJWA for hundreds of travelers who were traveling back and forth around the KUPJ Amplas Terminal. Not only enjoying cooked samples, but many travelers also bought Nutrijell Kurma Ajwa as souvenirs and to break their fast with their families back home. Hmm...have a good iftar with Nutrijell Kurma Ajwa yaa Ka....

(YK, 2022)