Anget Sari

Carbonated Powder Drink

Nutrijell Jellyshake

Pop Dringk

Pop Ice

Primaline & Bubble Pop

Teh Sisri

Top Ice





La Pasta

In operating the production process, PT Forisa Nusapersada ("Forisa") is alawasy quality raw material with quality-tested in the laboratory that having modern facilities as well as throuh hygienic processing.

Standard production process is performed with reference to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Food Safety Management System (FSMS) and Halal Assurance System (HAS), all of which are integrated with each other. We perform this consistently adn responsibly in order to actaulizing vision and mission of Forisa, to be a leading company that produces high quality food and beverage, healthy, safe for consuption and favored by everyone.

Through coordination of product's distribution is one of our main concerns in order to protect and ensure that our products can be up to the consumers in good condition.